Monday, Monday

I don’t feel like I’m a “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” type person. I’m pretty angry in the morning no matter what side of the bed I roll out of. Eventually, the demonic possession releases me and I can move on with my day. Today was no different, or so I thought. I groggily awakened when my husbands alarm went off. Then, resorted to playing a few games of Candy Crush on my phone while my husband showered. In due course, I flung myself out of bed when it was my turn in the bathroom.

Now, since I began my fitness journey about a month ago, Monday’s have become my official weigh in days. It’s not a bad way to start the week when you see the fruits of your hard work. This requires a specific routine that I won’t explicitly explain, but basically I do my “business” and step on to the scale after I disrobe. Let me preface this by telling you that I’ve worked my tush off this past week. I went to five Orange Theory fitness workouts and carefully logged my nutrition. But my body likes to betray me, and this morning, it slapped me in the face by showing a 1lb gain. And I’ll stop you before you say’s most likely water weight, muscle gain, or simply a hormonal fluctuation, I’ve heard it all. You can tell me all the reasons it’s fine and to keep on keeping on, but it still stings.

My morning continued to bring on the fun as I attempted to shower and get ready while simultaneously getting my 6 year old ready for school. See, I normally don’t shower until after my 10:30am workout, but I had a doctors appointment today to get the results of my sleep study test and undoubtedly be outfitted with the couture sleep accessory known as a CPAP machine, so I can stop causing brain damage every time I snooze. To match the theme of the day my hair decided to be rebellious and I gave up after 10 minutes and settled for a messy bun. After the child was dropped off at school I headed across town to get the good news I’m sure was waiting for me with the doctor.

As I reached the office, an old man entered in just ahead of me and when I heard the receptionist ask for his photo ID and insurance card I felt the dread wash over me.  I had left my main wallet at home with all my identification. I attempted to disclose this to the lady behind the desk, but she interrupted me to say that my appointment was for tomorrow, not today. I was a day early. “You’re kidding”, I chuckled. But alas, she was telling the truth. This is when I began to embrace the fact that this day was not going to run smoothly, or look pretty. I’m just hoping that I can keep my two feet on the treadmill at the gym tonight. Pray for me.

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