I drank the orange Kool-Aid

I wanted to start this post by talking about the never-ending pursuit of health that our society is obsessed with, and the implications that theme has on our lives. But as I tried to get my thoughts out, the words felt empty and lacked authenticity. Lets be real, I’m not here to educate you, or to point out the obvious. I want to write from a place of honesty and experience. So I’m going to do just that…

Since I’ve been an adult I have struggled with finding my groove in the fitness world. Being fit and feeling strong is something I have always desired. I like pushing myself. I enjoy a little healthy competition with myself or others. Yet, the last time I really felt that drive was when I played field hockey in high school.

Over the years, I’ve tried several avenues to reach my goals. A few different gym memberships, fitness videos, jogging in the neighborhood, I even attempted to follow all kinds of routines that you can find on Pinterest. You know what all of those pursuits of fitness have in common? I quit every single one of them. I never participated consistently and I never followed through long enough to see results. As soon as I created a plan or routine for myself I dreaded the activity. I didn’t look forward to working out, I found zero joy. And this frustrated me! I had the desire, but I lacked the motivation, or even the pleasure of working towards a goal. How was I supposed to create the lifestyle I wanted when I hated doing the very thing that could get me there?

When I first heard about Orange Theory, we were living in California, where our lives were consumed with trying to stay afloat financially. There was definitely no room in the budget for another gym membership and even though the concept sounded enticing, I know my husband would not be happy at more money wasted on another failed attempt.

Moving to Ohio changed our situation a lot. When I saw the signs of an Orange Theory going in at our local grocery shop center I squealed with joy. I immediately told my husband my intentions to join. And man that was a long wait for me, when I was ready to start now!  We moved in to our home in July and it wasn’t long until I discovered the news of the gym going in, and eventually found out that it wouldn’t be opening until October. It seemed like a lifetime, but it was well worth the wait.

My first class was mildly confusing, and a little overwhelming, but overall I had a feeling that this was exactly what I needed. Orange Theory Fitness is a heart-rate based workout system in a class environment. There is one coach who leads the whole group and tells you exactly what to do, when, and how to do it. Every class uses a mixture of rowing machines, strength training, and the treadmill. Its high energy, exciting, and fun. If you’re not familiar with Orange Theory you can learn more here.

I’ve been attending classes 4-5 times a week for over a month now. There is an incredible difference in how I feel about Orange Theory, my attitude, and my motivation, compared to the methods I have tried in the past. I’ve got a passion for working out that I have never experienced. I have not once felt like I was forcing myself to stick to some routine so that I could reach some seemingly unattainable goal. I never dread my classes. For my personality, this concept works perfectly. I don’t have to dig down deep to find the motivation because the enthusiasm I have for Orange Theory is genuine, and not fleeting. I was able to start these classes at a state of pure out-of-shapeness, and after a month I am already hitting goals I didn’t even know I had.

The cherry on the top? My husband, the man that I’ve been begging to join me for years in all my quests of getting in shape, joined with me. And, although I can rarely get him to admit it, he loves it. Its been a great way for us to connect and cheer each other on. I’m so grateful he took a chance and tried it out.

Although this all might sound like a sales pitch for Orange Theory, I promise its not. I firmly believe that the concept would be a great solution for many people searching for that “thing”, I do. But, what I’ve learned through this process is that if you are pursuing goals of any kind, make sure your methods are something you can find passion in. I never found success because I was forcing myself to do things I didn’t love to do. I have goals, I always will, but I found something I love doing to reach those goals. Its changed everything for me.

From a power-walker to a solid jogger 😉

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