Hi there, wanna be friends?

img_1977We’re past the six month mark as newbies in Ohio. Life is fun. There are seasons, and snow, and really enthusiastic college football fans. We’ve grown closer as a family, which I have enjoyed. We’ve began new hobbies and traveled to surrounding states. I can’t complain…too much. But, there is one little spot in my life and heart that is missing. Good girlfriends.

Shout out to all my bffs back in California. You’ll always have my heart. And no one can ever replace the years of love and friendship I have for all y’all. But Mama’s a bit lonely.

This is an interesting stage in life to be making new friends. And I’m not talking acquaintances that you see occasionally. I’m wanting to find that gal pal that calls you up last minute for a glass a wine, a shoulder to cry on, or just a night of shenanigans out on the town. I need a girlfriend that will shop every aisle of Target with me and walk out without buying a thing. Someone to share in life’s ups and downs, laugh until we cry, and encourage each other in our goals and dreams.

So what’s the problem? Most ladies in my age and stage already have that someone. I’m late to the game!

Finding a friend is a little like dating.. maybe worse. I may meet someone at Marshalls in the shoe aisles and start up a conversation about the lack of benches to try shoes on. We laugh and make more small chit chat that leads into other conversations. And in my head I’m thinking “gee, this gal is nice, and funny, and seems like someone I could hang out with.” But what’s the next step? “Hey, um, you don’t happen to be friend-single, eh? I’m in the market for a bff, and you seem awesome, wanna go out sometime?” So awkward. There’s no smooth way to do this, and good luck not sounding desperate.

How do I even begin this process with out seeming like a crazy woman? As much as it would be nice if this all happened naturally, the odds are unlikely. Because, as I noted above, most ladies aren’t in the market for new bffs. So even though all the ladies I’ve met so far are lovely and friendly, I have not been pursued, and I feel too weird doing the pursuing myself.

I’ve even dipped my toes into the Tinder type apps for making friends (yes they exist.) The concept is nice, especially for ladies in my position, but so far they’ve fallen short. Conversation tends to get dry and most gals didn’t seem like they wanted to take the next step and meet up in person.

So, here I wait, and hope, and try not to seem like a creeper as I continue to strike up conversations with strangers at the gym, grocery store, and Target. And ladies, if you’re reading this in the Columbus OH area, and you are in the market for a bff, or have a space in your current tribe, I’m your gal. Let’s go sing Karaoke, binge watch Netflix in our pajamas, and obsess over how many squats it will take to burn off the cookie we just ate.

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