Facing the Mirror

I can look at you, any of you, and see your beauty. Your worth. The wonderful attributes, inside and out, that make you, you. But when turning to the mirror I wince, criticize, and insult the “mess” in front of me.

My journey to wellness began with healthy intentions. I wanted to regain my athleticism. I wanted to stop waking up feeling nauseous and sick. I desired energy. Was part of this process going to be losing weight? Yes! But I knew that the cycle of negative talk within me needed to stop and I didn’t want weightloss to be my main focus.

As the scale began to drop I started to hear those voices again. I started to compare my body to the beauties on social media and TV. Why was I ignoring all the progress I was making, the amazing way I felt, the strength I was building?

I thought to myself: what if this is it? What if this is where my body stops changing? What if no matter how strong I get, or how nutritiously I eat, not one more thing on my body moves? Will the self-loathing stop? In that moment, I had my answer. I needed to learn how to love myself in whatever body I was currently residing in. I am worthy of love, no matter what my reflection shows.

The last few weeks I’ve felt the need to begin the healing in this area in my life. Because I can’t bear to think, that ten years from now I’m still standing in front of the mirror hating what I see. I hope that you can join me, in working on quieting that negative self talk and opening the door to the voice that lifts you up, confirms your worth and celebrates your beauty inside and out.

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