I <3 Ello Products

If I ask my husband about my cup collection, he’ll roll his eyes and beg me to stop buying more. See, I like pretty cups, mugs, and water bottles. I can’t help it. I am always trying to stay hydrated and I really, really enjoy coffee and tea. So I can’t say that my addiction is going to get under control any time soon. Sorry babe!

I bought my first Ello mug ( the Cole) about 2 years ago. I found it in the clearance section at Target. Side note: am I the only one that goes to Target to only shop the clearance end caps? I can always find such amazing deals on random odds and ends! There, mixed in with random bags of gold paperclips and sitting next to an iced tea machine is this adorable travel mug. I pick it up and see that its stainless steel, vacuum insulated and promises to keep my coffee hot for up to 6 hours or my iced tea cold for up to 24. And! Leak proof, which is a no-brainer for my tendency to spill all things.  Not only was it exceptionally fucolenctional, but it was incredibly stylish too! I loved everything about it.Its my go-to gift for friends and family. And, after two years of consistent use and being  ran through the dishwasher its holding up well, which speaks to the quality.

Along with all the brands I adore, I lovingly stalk Ello products Instagram. Fan girl much? I have tagged them in all my pretty shots of my Cole travel mug and I’m always complimenting their new stylish products. They must have caught on to my obsession because they graciously offered to send me some of their new products to sample. So, full disclosure, I am not being paid for this “review’, but I did receive some merchandise to check out for free.

My favorite of all four products they sent to me is the Campy travel mug:

The functionality of this mug is very similar to my original Cole purchase. Its stainless steel, vacuum insulated, and keeps beverages cold or hot for an extended period of time. I love the teal color of the mug and the vintage camp style, and it looks like it also comes in blue, and grey.  It has a lid that closes up tight creating a leak proof seal, hallelujah! I also love the cork lined handle which adds a little style and feels great in my hand. Its a perfect on the go mug. I love that I can leave it in my car while I run around town, and every time I come back and take a sip its as hot as when I poured it!

The Mesa travel mug made me smile when I picked it up:

I dubbed this as my tea mug. Instead of stainless steel, the Mesa is composed of ceramic and is double wall insulated. The reason I like using this for tea is because I typically finish my tea much quicker than I do my coffee. Although it is much more insulated than your average ceramic mug, it doesn’t hold the heat quite as well as the Cole or Campy. Its perfect for my mornings, running around the house getting myself and my youngest son ready for the day. It isn’t leak proof, but the lid has a nice tight seal that definitely helps to avoid splashing. I love the way the textured base feels in my hands and I was happy to discover you can use it in the microwave! Overall this is a great mug and would make a great gift paired with your favorite tea.

The perfect solution to my need of a solid gym water bottle is the Chi:

As much as I like to limit my use of plastic, I get tired of carrying the clunky glass or stainless steel bottles around the gym. I was happy to pickup the Ello Chi and find that it was made of plastic. I do want to note that all the plastic parts on any of the Ello Products merchandise are Certified BPA-free, phthalates-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free. The Chi is a large bottle (24oz) but not so big that its uncomfortable to hold. The lid closes tight and has a one handed push button to open. The soft silicone spout is one of my favorite features. Just imagine running on the treadmill, reaching for your water and putting it to your mouth only to smack your teeth on a hard spout. It makes reaching for a sip while flailing around a little safer! The lid also has a lock mechanism that allows you to toss it in your gym bag or purse without worry of accidentally hitting the button to open the lid. I love the bright coral color of this bottle, and it looks like it also comes in pink, teal, and grey.

Last but not least, let me share with you the Devon:

The Devon is a 20oz glass tumbler with a comfy silicone sleeve. This is my favorite cup to use at home. I use it for water, smoothies, or any iced beverage that deserves to be sipped with a straw. I love the stylish wooden top with the silicone seal that helps avoid spills. Its easy to clean and I appreciate the wide mouth so that I can toss in ice cubes or pour in my smoothies with ease. Its a great tumbler and I just might have to get a couple more in the different colors offered ( coral, blue, and teal.)

Overall, the reason I am drawn to Ello Products is their attention to detail. They pay mind to functionality without losing style. Each of their products stand out on their own and offer unique flair, making sipping your coffee, staying hydrated, or drinking your morning smoothie much more enjoyable.

Go pick out your own Ello Product to fit your needs or grab a gift for someone you love! You can shop directly on their website here.  Or find them at Amazon or Target.

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