But What if I don’t Want to Hustle?

There are a lot of amazing entrepreneurs, empire building female led businesses out there. A lot of ladies killing it! It’s really awesome, and I enjoy seeing women (or men) out there pursuing their dreams and fulfilling their passions. It’s inspiring, for sure.

Social media is plastered with motivational quotes and uplifting stories of gals finding their purpose, hustling, and making a living. It’s great. I truly love it and I’m always in support of you all kicking butt and making a name for yourselves.

But, lately, I’ve been at a weird space in my life. On one hand I’m super content. I have some personal and spiritual stuff I’m working on pushing through, healing, and I feel pretty great about where I’m at. (Although that journey of growth is never quite over). It’s just, that drive to build something is not there. I think part of it is because I haven’t really found my “thing.”

I have attempted an essential oils business that continually fell flat. And as much as I appreciate the community I was exposed to and the amazing oils that truly changed my life, I found myself never quite all in. I do believe that route is perfect for a lot of people that are looking to move beyond the traditional structure of a career, but the formula never seemed to work for me. I’ll never downplay my experience and I still share my oils occasionally. It’s just not working right now.

As my kids continue to grow older and more independent, I’m finding myself enjoying the routine of a less chaotic day. I’m grateful for the lack of stress in my life. There’s not a deadline to meet. I’m not hustling towards this grand goal of making it to the top. I’m just living and enjoying my family, my husband. I’m loving the time I have to get in shape. The flexibility to meet up with new friends and explore this new place we’re living in. The occasions I have to express myself through this blog. I’m just coasting through right now. Living in the moment, and enjoying every minute. I’m blessed to have a husband that has an amazing career that gives me this freedom.

That’s not to say that in the future I’ll not find my path. My gift. My niche, that would allow me to pursue my passions and build a career of sorts. I would love to find that one thing that would grow an ambitious fire within me and make me unstoppable. Actually, I’m 100% sure that time will come.

All that being said, I struggle with feeling an inward guilt. Like, what am I doing with my life if I’m not working towards something? What kind of future am I laying forth for myself and my family. But then I shake off that negativity and I realize that I belong right here. I’m okay with this plateau in my life. I don’t have it in me at the moment and that’s okay. I’m comfortable with settling in, enjoying the ride, and waiting to see where it takes me.

So, today, I’m putting that hustle on pause. It’s not my time right now. And that’s just fine.

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