Creativity vs. Imitation

I’ve been on a little journey this past year to find a hobby or project(s) that feeds my creative side. Starting this blog was part of that, although I’ve been silent for months… (inspiration can be fleeting at times, for me.) Recently though, I’ve been inspired and ready to take on a couple creative projects. Both require some skill set and technique and I’ve been doing some research.

In this awesome era we live in, with the internet full of inspiration and ideas, I have found myself a bit stifled. For one, there is SO MUCH information out there. Overwhelming amounts of instruction. I found myself feeling boxed in and anxious, not knowing where to start.

In addition to all the how-to’s, there’s a massive amount of inspiration. You can thank Pinterest for this one. Every rock I turn over proves to me that there are many, many people already doing what I want to do.

So as I research and try to learn, I am faced with a question I have to ask myself constantly: when I start creating, will my products/content be original, unique, and genuine, or is my mind littered with everyone else’s work? How can I tap into my own creativity without being influenced by everyone else?

Or, on the other hand, should I just shut up and make? Because, even as I write this I am realizing that my fears of failure are much more of the problem than worrying about whether or not I am producing original work. I do truly believe our exposure to all the things is dampening our creativity, but focusing on it just perpetuates the problem. The outcome of this journey is for me to find a way to exercise my creative mind– not overthink it to the point of paralyzing my intentions.

I guess I’m ready to get out of my own way and start creating! ๐Ÿ™‚

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