Essential Oils


I am someone that values natural solutions and holistic health. Essential oils fit perfectly into my life. We live in a world with toxins, emotional and physical! These oils pack a punch when dealing with daily health related discomfort, or situations, moods, and cleaning safely.

Why do I work with doTERRA? Because they are a company that has a heart for lifting others up. You can find information on how they are serving the world here.

doTERRA has created a standard of purity and potency, and integrity through transparency, that I have yet to see matched. There are a lot of wonderful oils out there, but this company has gained my trust based on their consistent and liable testing processes. Learn more about their testing here.

And even after all that, doTERRA offers an amazing membership (kind of like Costco) that allows you to access these amazing products at 25% below retail. You can even choose an enrollment kit which give you an even bigger discount to get started. So what are you waiting for? Take a leap and try these wonderful oils!

Want to learn more about essential oils, or are you ready to jump on board? Get in touch easily by filling out the form below: